Candle Care

Trim your Wick

Trim the candle wick to approx 5mm before each candle burn using scissors or a wick trimmer. This allows for a clean smoke-free burn and maximum LED brightness.

Burn & Store 

Burn your candle for a minimum of 3-4 hours at a time to prevent the candle from tunnelling, this will create an even burn pool and maximun scent fragrance throw. Storing the candle out of direct sunlight will help prevent the internal batteries that power the LED micro lights from running flat before their design life has been reached.


When your candle is finished the wick has burnt out and the wax has run out, you can do your bit for the environment, send it back to us at D&C so we can recycle the glass, repurpose the jelly wax and dispose of the batteries in safe and eco-friendly manner, and to say thank you we’ll give you a generous discount off your next candle purchase.